About Us

We put together Amazing Books Publishing in 2018, after finishing our first book, The Amazing Mr. Cardinal.

Like so many things in life, meeting Tripp and becoming a children’s book illustrator were a sort of accident.

Tripp had been feeding and watching the birds in his backyard for a long time, and wrote a children’s story based on his observations.

My wife’s parents run an art supply store, and Tripp, needing an illustrator for his story, walked in there one day to talk to them about just that. Tripp was told about me and we met at the store. After a good conversation about his story, we decided to become partners and work together to finish up the book now known as The Amazing Mr. Cardinal.

To make a long story short, after finishing the work and talking to some people about publishing, we decided that self-publishing made more sense and Amazing Books Publishing was born as the vehicle to carry our first book.

We like stories. Everyone likes stories. Our goal, with Amazing Books Publishing, is to create children’s books with inspirational life lessons emphasizing nature and God’s animal kingdom.

The author, Tripp Walker, is a retired commercial real estate executive living in the foothills of Northeast Georgia. Tripp is a nature lover and enjoys all manner of outside activities including hiking with his wife Regina. Together they rescued an older, very sweet, Bird Dog and enjoy long walks with Sally.

Jason Fowler is an artist and Graphic Designer. He runs his own art production company, Fowler Art & Design.